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...Is this thing on?...

It's a strange little world I live in, but I like it.

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Random Musings of a Junior Zoalord
20 August 1984
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I am one of those people who will proudly identify themselves as a geek. I am also a Californian; though I am in no way affiliated with those moronic, inbred redneck twerps who voted yes on Prop 8, and I personally think they should all be rounded up and shot.

I enjoy various kinds of things. Although my first love has always been the artistic pursuits of writing and drawing. Not so much drawing these days, though. I have been working on some new projects, but like all of my work, they proceed rather slowly.

My consice opinion on FanLib:

I have also become a member of J!NX, which has a lot of cool, geekery-related things. Check it out; and if you feel the inclanation to buy something, just tell them I sent you. ;)

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