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"She started with French, because when it came to conveying sheer fury, nothing worked quite so well as the artistic range of nasal to guttural that the French language possessed. From there, it was an easy transition to Italian, staccato syllables cracking like gunfire, and a quick shift in the nominative and ablative cases brought her smoothly into Latin, which, granted, was not a language for cursing, but she made do.
The world seemed to pause around her, a blur of silver and gray dotted with glowing blue eyes.

Latin bled into Greek, which hopped and skipped over to German. She lingered in German awhile, the blunt, harsh edges of the words suiting her mood very well. German slid to Russian, hisses and growls like an infuriated jungle cat, which made quite a leap into the rhythmic chatter of Japanese. From Japanese, she leapt to Spanish for a few short moments before making a final journey to Arabic for a big finish... because in the entire world and all the varied languages therein, there were no curses quite like Arabic curses."

Exerpt from chapter fifteen of one of my favorite Transformers fanfics: Transformers: Juxtaposition.

It's very good; I definately recommend it.
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