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Annoyance and a bit of venting...

So, my sister has this package of instant Mac and Cheese that she takes to work for lunch; understandable, no? But, where does she put this? Maybe,

1) on her own personal shelf, where it will practically be emblazoned with signs saying "this is my food, don't eat it"?

2) on top of the shelf with the rest of her food, where it will once again practically be emblazoned with signs saying "this is my food, don't eat it"?

or maybe...

3) inside the cupboard with the rest of the shared soups and noodles?

If you answered "3", you'd be perfectly justified in patting yourself on the back. You are smarter than my sister. What's more annoying is that she couldn't even be arsed to put one of the three-colored stickers we have to differentiate between identical food items on it.

And then she goes and gets pissy with me when - wanting a quick meal but not being in the mood for anything canned, sweet or frozen - I take out what I figure is one of the family-shared packs of Mac'n'Cheese. Hello, bad planning much?

In old news the people described in this article are a bunch of fucking loons.
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