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Let us now speak of talentless, overrated hacks.

No, not Stephanie Meyer; I've had more than enough of that moronic, pathetic, boring, overstuffed, pompous, thoroughly unpleasant little twerp to last me three lifetimes.

No, what we are discussing here is James Cameron, and his derivative heap of bullshit that he had the supreme gall to call Avatar. Now, it's not the title itself that annoys me - it fits with the premise, stupid and hopelessly overdone as it is, and at least let's the viewer know what they're in for - what pisses me off is the fact that Jamie-boy and his studio fucks tried to copyright the title of the movie.

They tried to copyright a title. Legally, this should have been impossible; the judge and jury should have laughed this case out of court, publicly mocked whatever dumbass brought the case before them in the first place, and spit in James Ca-moron's face for good measure. But, somehow they actually managed to win; from this, I can only conclude that one of them had some serious blackmail material on various members of the jury or possibly even the judge, or Jamie-boy sucked a lot of dicks before the proceedings.

Now, far be it from me to actually say that someone deserves to be violently gang-raped by distempered bulls, then repeatedly sodomized with Samehada; but... well, there you go.

Jamie-boy, you are a stupid, worthless, talentless, overrated cretin, and I am personally mortified that I ever enjoyed any of your work.
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