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...Is this thing on?...

It's a strange little world I live in, but I like it.

3/11/09 10:11 pm - Black hole head... killer hair... SNAIL PEOPLE!

I don't know what's wrong with me... I man, the manga itself is both utterly horrifying and ends on a note of profound and utter hopelessness, but for all that I just can't seem to stop reading it.

Expirence the horror for yourself.

I'm reading it again even as I post this... Spirals creep me out a litte now...

3/8/09 08:31 pm - Well, that was interesting.

So, ingriam, your LiveJournal reveals...

You are... 8% unique (blame, for example, your interest in tetsuro segawa) and 19% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy yaoi). When it comes to friends you are normal. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are keen to please. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is intellectual.

Your overall weirdness is: 46

(The average level of weirdness is: 29.
You are weirder than 85% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

2/17/09 02:27 pm - Story two. Status: Complete!

I finally have the second of my Guyver fanfics completed! I've moved on to the third, which should be ready to post either this month or sometime during the next; I have a system for this, nothing gets posted until the proper time, and half of what I've written so far is still with my Beta.

Still, this pleases me. :D

2/7/09 02:58 pm - My very own LJ Community!

I've just finished setting up - and posting the first entry in - my LJ community tales_of_guyver. I hope it's not the last, of course.

I'm off to go tell more people about this. :D

2/6/09 12:35 am - Fun with the Sloganizer

Chronos' got it all!

Don't worry, Chronos takes care.

Enjoy Chronos.

Life's beautiful with Chronos.

Chronos makes dreams come true.

Think Chronos.
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2/5/09 10:57 pm - Progress... some, at least.

Well, I've filled an entire row of Mood Pictures; I'm still not even halfway to my goal, but I can definately see some progress.

I'm rather pleased with that.

2/4/09 05:56 pm - Who's on first?

One of my favorite routines.

12/28/08 11:36 pm

Well, the work on my personalized Mood Theme proceeds apace, and I have to say that I'm more than pleased with the results. You'll see it when it's done, of course. ;)

12/19/08 08:24 pm - Does this surprise anyone?

You fit in with:

20% spiritual.
80% reason-oriented.

Your ideals mostly resemble that of a Humanist. Although you do not have a lot of faith, you are devoted to making this world better, in the short time that you have to live.

Take This Quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

I didn't think so.

12/18/08 06:26 pm - This is why I love Guyver:

(well, one of many reasons, anyway)

I don't see Agito being shoved into the villain role honestly. While Agito is a character Takaya has clearly had some difficulty locking down how he wants to play him, he is not some simply comic villain.

The guy's established history is a life that's been hell mentored by a amoral scumbag. His "desire for power" arises from righteous fury at society for allowing such utter injustices to occur. That's opposite extreme of "I'm amoral and just out for myself" folks. I'm going to take charge and fix it is still extreme but on the other side of the ball park. The villain version of that end of the pool is "screw it, I'll just destroy it all." The worst we've seen him actually do is be a hard ass and make necessary sacrifices for the ultimate goal of defeating Chronos.

He also has not taked opportunities that would have been worthwhile if his agenda was as the people here advocating a Evil Agito claim. I still am wondering why he showed Balkus mercy and didn't finish him off.

Manga Sho has... largely just whined and stood by doing nothing while Evil Men did Evil Things. Thanks to that his body count of killed innocents utterly eclipses anything Agito has done.


Sho's lumps:
-Died, but got better
-Killed his own father while not in possession of himself
-Had a few people who he knew a week or so die on him and in one case turn on him.
-Murdered a significant portion of the population of Tokyo to get at Khan. To my knowledge he has not acknowledged this atrocity.

Agito's lumps:
-Saw his parents commit suicide and knew that the man his parents basically sold him to had effectively arranged the entire thing.
-Having to live under and follow the orders of the scumbag responsible for his parent's death, all the while aware if he slipped up he could be eliminated himself. In other words unless he was the good heir to Gendo Makashima his worth would cease to exist.
-Had to deal with realization that society at large didn't care and the only way he could deal with these injustices was to do something about them himself. Plus of course not exactly being able to overtly go traitor on Chronos' schemes that made Gendo look like a small time crook in comparison. Agito knows enough to be familiar with the whole zoafication effort and how little can be done about it.
-Has had a large slice of humble pie shoved down his throat repeatedly against various Hyper Zoanoids and Zoalords. Didn't give up despite this.
-Had his de facto surrogate family largely killed with the only one left doomed to die in a few years.

And you know I can go on.

The audacious thing for Takaya would them to have a confrontation where this was pointed out and Sho realized that inaction can have a higher price then action, at the very least.

- quoted from IC Ominae, Japan Legend forum.

12/15/08 11:51 pm - Behold, my updated journal!

Bask in its Guyver-y awesomeness.

9/30/08 03:01 pm

So, I was lurking on Dark Christianity the way I sometimes tend to do - I like to know what the crazies in the Religious Riech are planning, and sometimes I find other things to read about there - and I found one of the funniest things I'd yet seen on LiveJournal: the Lolcat Bible.

Now I'm getting flashes from that whole 'temptation of Jeasus':

Satan: U can makes bred nao?
Jesus: U no can haz bred! No bred 4 U!

9/18/08 01:35 pm

This is one of the most unabashedly brilliant posts that I've come across. It's been linked to quite a bit, but it fully deserves the honor.

Post by bluesgirly. All credit/internets/love to bluesgirly. :D

7/22/08 11:47 pm

<I believe the Nartec are self-destructing. They are profoundly inbred. As I believe humans know, insufficient variety in the gene pool can lead to deterioration over time. The Nartec population is dropping. Fertility is dropping. Infant mortality from birth defects is rising. Life spans are shorter.>

"You mean they’re on the brink of extinction?"

<Yes. The high levels of radioactivity have allowed them to undergo accelerated rates of mutation. But now the destructive mutations are beginning to pile up. And they have insufficient sources of new genetic material.>


"Fewer ships sinking. They must have been breeding with limited numbers of surface humans, survivors of sinking ships."

<It would at best be a short-term and dangerous fix. The new breeding stock would have no doubt resulted in a relatively large number of Nartec born without their unique adaptations: gills and webbed feet.>

"So their dreams of conquering Earth are-"

<The desperate act of a race that knows itself to be doomed.>

--Animorphs 36: The Mutation

I think it's kind of funny how, with only a bit of tweaking, this passage could easily be applied to Voldemoron and his merry band of idiots. :D

6/20/08 10:55 pm - First Entry: Worlds Funniest Typos

It made me chuckle, at least.

What do you guys think an 'appropirate' would be?

5/11/08 04:33 pm

I demand an explination for this bullshit!

Seriously, spead the word on this as far as you can. It's not pretty, but it's what we have to deal with.

5/10/08 08:37 pm - This really pisses me off

Why are people like this even allowed NEAR children?! Hell, why are they allowed to live at all?

5/8/08 11:32 pm - A simple question for the anti-chioce movement...

Feel free to reproduce, just let me know it you do.

5/2/08 08:09 pm

This is a really cool vid, with a great song. :D

3/16/08 08:16 pm - There are days I hate my species

If I had a Death Note, I would ensure that all of the people who supported this abomination would suffer. Since I don't, I can only get the word out to my flist, and hope you guys do the same.

The link in plain-text.

1/23/08 06:34 pm - Guyver Board woes...

I want my stuff back; and since I know that I'd never be able to get away with this much swearing on the old or the new board, and am currantly in the grip of too much seething rage to give much of a fucking shit about restraining myself for someone or other's idiotic view of "respect": Ryuki, you little bastard! If I don't get back every scrap of data I had on that nopepad - I used it stickly for the ability to easily transfer between computers - I will make it my life's mission to hunt you doen and rip your fucking testicles off! Then I'll shove them down your throat, and sodomize your twitching courpe with a fucking bratwurst, you little shit!

Okay, venting done. I feel better now.

11/12/07 01:15 am

cutfor rather large imagesCollapse )

11/8/07 12:42 pm

'Haberdashery' is apparently the name used for a place that sells hats. I always thought it was an old time-y name for a pastry shop or something; something having to do with pastries. The more you know, I guess. ;)

10/15/07 04:01 am

""I," he said, far too calmly, "am a reprehensible bastard with filthy taste in pornographic smut, the moral fiber of a piece of well-used chewing gum, the punctuality of a water clock in the middle of the desert, and the general stability and reliability of a chipmunk on crack. I have no idea what in the hell a respectable, responsible, earnest, gentle, tender, and all-around disgustingly nice person like you ever saw in me. But -- being the greedy, devious, and calculating son of a bitch that I am -- I would sooner die than let a treasure like you slip through my grasping fingers.""

Ah, Side Effects. One of my favorite Naruto fanfics. Yaoi, and Mpreg, but it's great all the same.

10/7/07 08:05 pm

"She started with French, because when it came to conveying sheer fury, nothing worked quite so well as the artistic range of nasal to guttural that the French language possessed. From there, it was an easy transition to Italian, staccato syllables cracking like gunfire, and a quick shift in the nominative and ablative cases brought her smoothly into Latin, which, granted, was not a language for cursing, but she made do.
The world seemed to pause around her, a blur of silver and gray dotted with glowing blue eyes.

Latin bled into Greek, which hopped and skipped over to German. She lingered in German awhile, the blunt, harsh edges of the words suiting her mood very well. German slid to Russian, hisses and growls like an infuriated jungle cat, which made quite a leap into the rhythmic chatter of Japanese. From Japanese, she leapt to Spanish for a few short moments before making a final journey to Arabic for a big finish... because in the entire world and all the varied languages therein, there were no curses quite like Arabic curses."

Exerpt from chapter fifteen of one of my favorite Transformers fanfics: Transformers: Juxtaposition.

It's very good; I definately recommend it.

8/26/07 10:18 pm - I have found the most delicious crack!

And now I simply must share it:

Click for totally random Naruto crack!


Neji, are these your panties?

7/22/07 11:04 pm - Annoyance and a bit of venting...

So, my sister has this package of instant Mac and Cheese that she takes to work for lunch; understandable, no? But, where does she put this? Maybe,

1) on her own personal shelf, where it will practically be emblazoned with signs saying "this is my food, don't eat it"?

2) on top of the shelf with the rest of her food, where it will once again practically be emblazoned with signs saying "this is my food, don't eat it"?

or maybe...

3) inside the cupboard with the rest of the shared soups and noodles?

If you answered "3", you'd be perfectly justified in patting yourself on the back. You are smarter than my sister. What's more annoying is that she couldn't even be arsed to put one of the three-colored stickers we have to differentiate between identical food items on it.

And then she goes and gets pissy with me when - wanting a quick meal but not being in the mood for anything canned, sweet or frozen - I take out what I figure is one of the family-shared packs of Mac'n'Cheese. Hello, bad planning much?

In old news the people described in this article are a bunch of fucking loons.

6/23/07 12:59 am - I hate my species so much right now...

Reason #1 that Indiana needs to be nuked RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!

5/30/07 02:32 pm - Warriors for "Innocence"


An article about the latest in a long line of people who need a good thwapping with the ClueBat. Why does "innocence" always seem to equate to idiocy these days?

5/27/07 03:15 am - I've done a lot of reading about FanLib

And they ain't getting any of my business. >:P

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